Sacramento Aquatics Club is a Year-Round competitive USA Swim Team for swimmers ages 4-18. 

We offer practice six days a week and participate in swim meets every month.

If your swimmer would be interested in coming out for a week long evaluation and trial please contact us at Sacramentoaquatics@gmail.com

Mission Statement

The Sacramento Aquatics Club aims to provide an opportunity for all swimmers to reach their greatest potential as both a person and an athlete while developing a life-long love of swimming. We believe that swimming should be a challenging, positive, and rewarding experience. Swimmers will not only learn swimming techniques and build endurance, but life lessons of perseverance, determination, personal responsibility, sportsmanship, confidence, respect for others, and the determination to push to new limits in a safe, monitored environment with properly trained staff. We believe that success is not determined just by winning a race, but in the growth of a swimmer’s character, physical ability, and skill.

Vision Statement

To inspire our athletes to pursue excellence in swimming and in life.

SAC Sailfish Fall 2021

“We discovered SAC in October 2020 and I
truly feel like we struck gold! Coach Terry
has endless energy and a commitment that
is unwavering. This team puts kids first and
encourages everyone to do their best
regardless of experience. My only wish is
that we could’ve found this team sooner! Amy Cleveland

“Coach Terry has helped my
daughter’s swimming
improve in every possible
way. The entire Sacramento
Aquatics program and
family has been invaluable
to our daughter! Brooke Bonner

My daughters decided to join the SAC team for Fall swim last year and it was such a good experience for them.  Both joined the rec team this summer and had HUGE time and skill improvements over last year.  It was amazing to watch them grow.  Swimming year round definitely makes a big difference!!!  Kristin Parsons

SAC Sailfish Testimonials