SAC Sailfish Meet Information:

2022-2023 Short Course Meet Schedule

Swim meet name Date Qualifying times needed Pool Location
SNS Open Water Champs (See Terry) 9/18 No Lake Natoma
Hot Dog Meet 9/18 No Tokay High School, Lodi
SCY Age Group Season Opener 9/23-9/25 No Walker Graham Aquatics Center, Vacaville
Spooktacular 10/7-10/9 No Roseville Aquatic Complex, Roseville
AGO Pete Fitch 10/21-10/23 No Rio Del Oro Sportsclub, Sacramento
Pumpkin Meet (See Terry) 10/22 No Tokay High School, Lodi
WAC Cranberry Classic 11/18-11/20 No Rusch Park, Citrus Heights
DPCC Thanksgiving Thousand (Tentative)


No Del Paso Country Club, Sacramento CA
2022 Holiday Swim Festival 12/1-12/4 Yes Mona Plummer Aquatic Center, Glendale, AZ
Matt Casto Memorial 12/3-12/4 No Elk Grove Aquatics Center, Elk Grove
DART Winter Invite 12/16-12/18 No Natomas Aquatic Center, Sacramento
IM Extreme Challenge (Tentative) 1/20-1/22 No Walker Graham Aquatics Center, Vacaville
Bud Meyer Memorial Meet 1/27-1/29 No Rio Del Oro Sports Club, Sacramento
SNS Senior Short Course Championships 2/3-2/5 Yes Roseville Aquatics Complex, Roseville
Last Chance JO Qualifer 2/24-2/26 No Elk Grove Aquatics Center, Elk Grove
WAC Last Chance Qualifier 2/24-2/26 No Rusch Park, Citrus Heights
SNS Short Course Championships 3/10-3/12 Yes Charles Brooks Comm Swim Ctr, Woodland
SWAGR 3/23-3/26 Yes Steve Miklos Aquatic Center, Folsom
IMX/IMR Challenge 3/31-4/2 No Cameron Park CSD Community Pool, Cameron Park
*Coach Terry is encouraging every swimmer to attend at least 2 meets during this fall/winter season.
*A travel meet may still be added to our schedule – We are looking for a non qualifying travel meet and will add it when we find one.
*You do not need to attend all days of a multi-day meet, you can register only for one day if you would like.
*Some meets have qualifying times – please be aware of what those are to help with goal setting.
*You may attend a meet that is not on our team meet schedule.  If you do, please let Coach Terry know.

*Note: Meet schedule is subject to change

The following information is intended to help ensure this swim experience is as stress free as possible as you join USA Swimming.

Suggested things to bring to meets:

  • Wear your team suit, team cap and goggles.
  • Bring at least 2 towels each day during warmer weather meets but we recommend you bring 1 towel for warm-ups and 1 towel for every event you are swimming that day, during colder weather.
  • Sunscreen, hats, and umbrellas.
  • Plenty of water and nutritious snacks.
  • Canopies or tents.  We recommend having walls for your canopy for shade or wind/rain protection.
  • Cash for the snack bar and other items.
  • Swim parkas, beanie caps and water resistant boots for cooler or wet weather.
  • Extra clothing, sweatshirts and pants, flannel pajamas, socks.
  • Hand warmers.
  • Comfortable chairs.
  • Sleeping bags, blankets, tarps, pillows, etc.
  • Activities, games, books, to keep your swimmers entertained between events.

When you arrive:

  • Check-in is usually at the entrance to the pool, your swimmer must circle the event and initial his or her name.
  • Normally we try to sit together as a team at meets as it helps support team bonding.
  • Events and heats are posted in one or two areas, depending on the size of the pool facility, and results are normally posted in a different area.
  • USA swim meets are different than rec team meets.  It is up to the swimmer to make sure they are at the starting block for their heat so please pay attention to what event/heat they are on.  There are no ready benches and officials do not wait for swimmers before they begin the heat.
  • Swimmers need to check in with their coach before their race to tell them what heat and lane they are in for each event. They must also check-in with their coach after each event for coaching advice.

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