Welcome to Sacramento Aquatics Club

All swimmers are REQUIRED to complete the following BEFORE joining practice with Sacramento Aquatics Club:

Register with Sacramento Aquatics Club

Waiver & Release of Liability  –  If  you  did  not  previously do  this  for  a  try  out,  please  take  a  few  moments  to  review  our  policies  on returning  the  pool  listed  on  page  3  and  to  read  &  accept  the  Assumption  of  Risk and  Waiver  of  Liability.

MAAPP Acknowledgment  –  Acknowledgement of the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy is required yearly by USA Swimming and Safe Sport.  Please take a few minutes to read the policy and submit the acknowledgement.

Athlete  Contract  and  Code  of  Conduct  –  As  part  SAC’s  continued  growth and  becoming  a  Level  1  USA  Swimming  Recognized  Club,  we  have  established  an Athlete  Contract  and  Code  of  Conduct.  All swimmers are expected to read through these guidelines, follow these guidelines, and agree to these guidelines by submitting the following form. 

Make Payment – You should receive an invoice within 72 hours after completing registration form

Register  with  USA  Swimming –  See  pg  2;  Flex  membership  is  suggested; SACP must  be  listed  as  your  team;  use  the Transfer Form if  currently  listed  on another  team  or  unattached

Unless other instructions are given, all items MUST be completed 72 hours before joining practice.  If all items are not completed by that time, you may lose your spot for practice and on the waitlist.

Swimmer Safety Guidelines During COVID

The guidelines below were put into place upon recommendation/requirements from USA Swimming and Sacramento County.   All swimmers and families are expected to follow these guidelines for the safety of our coach, swimmers & their families.

Swimmers may join practice with the following precautions:

  • Athletes should consider their own risk factors – autoimmune issues, asthma, health of family members, etc. 
  • Athletes may not come to practice if they have any signs of illness.
  • Athletes may not come to practice if they have been in contact with someone with the coronavirus.
  • Athletes and families that have traveled out of the country or to areas with high infection rates will need to self-isolate  for  14  days  before  coming  to  practice

Preparing to Swim

  • Arrive ready to swim with suit on – there is no changing at the pool.
  • Enter the pool area and go to assigned waiting area until Coach Terry calls the group to the pool.
  • Swimmers must wear a mask when entering and remove before going to pool (leave with your bag)
  • Hand Sanitizer is provided near the shed door and use is highly encouraged.
  • Swimmers may place their bags on the ground, under the posted signs along the fence. 

During Practice

  • Follow directions for spacing and stay at least 6 feet apart.
  • Water bottles must be labeled (with name or easily identifiable) and not shared.
  • Avoid touching your face. 
  • Avoid spitting water.

After Swimming

  • Do not shower or change out of suit at the pool.
  • Leave the facility as soon as reasonably possible after practice (within 5 minutes) – Must wear mask when leaving.
  • Maintain 6 feet distance when getting your bag.
  • Parents are expected to pick up swimmer immediately following practice.
  • No social activity should occur.

Parents are welcome in the pool area, provided:

  • You wait 5 mins until after practice starts and leave 5 minutes before practice ends.
  • You bring your own chair – Do not use Parkway’s chairs.
  • Maintain 6 feet distance from others.
  • Masks are required when entering and leaving.
  • Restrooms are closed until further notice, except for in emergencies.

Any swimmers/families not following these guidelines may be asked to leave the team.